Elevate your practice with 3Shape Discover 2024

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Elevate your practice with 3Shape Discover 2024

3Shape Discover is a virtual event taking place on 6 June that will explore the full spectrum of digital dentistry and feature cutting edge technological advancements. (Image: greenbutterfly/Shutterstock)

Thu. 23 May 2024


COPENHAGEN, Denmark: As the realm of digital dentistry continues to evolve, offering unprecedented opportunities for enhanced patient care and practice efficiency, 3Shape Discover 2024 stands ready to guide dental professionals through the latest advancements. Scheduled for 6 June, this virtual event promises an in-depth exploration of the tools and trends shaping the future of dentistry.

Added value for attendees

3Shape Discover 2024 is set to redefine the virtual conference experience and will offer a treasure-trove of knowledge and skills for dental professionals eager to embrace digital dentistry. This event will provide a gateway to mastering the integration of digital solutions into clinical practice in order to enhance patient engagement and allow the clinician to achieve superior clinical outcomes. Embrace this opportunity to see how digital tools can transform every step of the dental care process, from the initial consultation to the final treatment outcome. Discover the digital you—sign up today!

At 3Shape Discover, Dr Nieves Albizu will host the lecture “Starting my digital journey with TRIOS”. (Image: 3Shape)

Sneak peek at lecture topics and speakers

Learn from thought leaders and industry experts as they share their personal journeys to success, provide valuable insights and reveal trends that can fuel your professional growth and enhance patient care. The event's educational content covers a variety of hot topics in digital dentistry, such as digital dentures and cemented prosthetics.

The lecture “Starting my digital journey with TRIOS” by Dr Nieves Albizu is ideal for those new to digital dentistry. In the lecture, Dr Albizu will speak about her own journey of opening a practice to inspire listeners to lay the groundwork for future advancement in their own clinics.

Another highlight is the lecture “Predictable digital prosthodontics with total fit workflows”, to be presented by Prof. Vygandas Rutkūnas. Aimed at more experienced professionals, this lecture will delve into sophisticated aspects of digital scanning and implant planning. Prof. Rutkunas will offer strategies to refine precision and improve treatment outcomes.

Also not to be missed will be the lecture “3Shape latest innovations & future trends in digital dentistry” by Rune Fisker, senior vice president for product strategy at 3Shape. This forward-looking presentation will inspire attendees with a vision of what is next in digital dentistry. Fisker will offer practical tips and insights into integrating emerging trends into everyday practice in order to provide superior patient care.

This event is the perfect chance for all clinicians to dive deep into the heart of digital dentistry.

3Shape Discover 2024 is more than just an event; it is an invitation to clinicians worldwide to embark on a journey of digital discovery and innovation. By attending, clinicians will be the first to see 3Shape’s latest advancements, including new essentials that promise to meld core scanning functionality with unprecedented affordability. This event is the perfect chance for all clinicians to dive deep into the heart of digital dentistry and to receive guidance from leading experts and thought leaders, who will share their success stories and insights. Attendees can expect to uncover practical tips and techniques for optimising their use of digital tools like the TRIOS intra-oral scanner in order to enhance efficiency and improve patient outcomes at their dental clinics. Moreover, a glimpse into the future of digital dentistry will arm attendees with the knowledge to stay ahead in a rapidly changing field.

Do not miss this opportunity to explore the full spectrum of possibilities that digital dentistry offers and to align your practice with the cutting edge of technological advancement.

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