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Amann Girrbach – Ceramill Matik


Ceramill Matik―time is on your side

With the new Ceramill Matik processing unit Amann Girrbach revolutionises the digital laboratory routine. The innovative full-service unit combines the actual processing station with a fully automatic stock management system, with intelligent tool management and a machine cleaning device, which enables an automatic change between wet and dry mode. This means that the Ceramill Matik works fully automatically and can also manufacture autonomously during the night or on weekends. The dental technician is thus freed from unproductive secondary activities, which previously occupied up to 40% of his or her working time, and can now focus 100% on value-creating activities.

The option of dry milling CoCr blanks on a NEM basis, now extends the material spectrum of the Digital Native Automation Service Unit by yet another valuable component. With its latest software update, Amann Girrbach makes the fabrication of accurately fitting secondary crowns easier and more intuitive than ever before. Together with the Ceramill Matik full-service unit, the 4.0 update of the Ceramill software enables secondary crowns for telescope restorations to be fabricated in the familiar, wizard-guided Ceramill workflow.

A presentation about Ceramill Matik is available free of charge after registration in various languages.