Webinar on guided surgery, CBCT and CAD/CAM technology

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Webinar on guided surgery, CBCT and CAD/CAM technology: From single-tooth replacement to full-arch cases

A free webinar next week will concentrate on the possibilities that CBCT provides for enhanced patient communication and treatment. (Image: YAKOBCHUK VIACHESLAV/Shutterstock)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Wed. 29 May 2024


A webinar on 5 June will provide dental professionals with the knowledge and skills to harness the power of digital tools in dentistry. The presentation will address how integrating technology such as intra-oral scanning and CBCT into the dental practice can enhance effective patient communication, diagnosis and treatment of cases.

Dr Marko Ahonen is an advocate for digital dentistry. Besides maintaining a dental clinic in Finland, Dr Ahonen is an advanced CAD/CAM trainer and speaker for Dentsply Sirona. (Image: Dentsply Sirona)

“My webinar is suitable for all dental professionals. I aim to highlight that with digital tools dentistry can achieve higher quality and greater precision, reducing risks without raising costs for patients,” webinar presenter Dr Marko Ahonen told Dental Tribune International.

Traditional dental implantology often relies on 2D imaging and free-handed placement. In the webinar, Dr Ahonen will show that guided surgery can be more cost-effective and that surgical planning and guide design can be done concurrently while practitioners engage with and educate their patients, making guided surgery the preferred method for all implant placements.

“CAD/CAM and guided surgery are transforming implant surgery while maintaining its core principles. The outcomes remain consistent, yet the process of achieving them is now significantly easier, ensuring consistently excellent results,” commented Dr Ahonen.

In addition, webinar attendees will be introduced to the use of CBCT guidance, which offers significant advantages for implant planning and placement. They will also learn how to design and fabricate CEREC surgical guides (Dentsply Sirona) based on digital impressions. This cost-effective in-house method enables the production of guides that are ready for use after cold sterilisation, thus facilitating guided implant placement without significantly increasing overall costs.

Digital tools enable dental professionals to efficiently identify and visualise dental problems and pathologies, supporting the presentation of various treatment options to patients. “Without CBCT it is impossible to know the exact risks and costs for the patient before treatment begins. Therefore, it helps patients to make the right treatment choice for them,” emphasised Dr Ahonen.

Dr Ahonen added: “It is truly powerful to see your whole dentition on a 3D colour model superimposed with a CBCT scan. With this combination, we can not only track and show changes over time but also show different pathologies and oral hygiene problems.”

To support their selection of the best treatment for the individual patient, webinar attendees will learn how to effectively combine surgical, orthodontic and prosthetic techniques.

Conventionally, dentists are trained to focus on specific dental issues; however, this webinar will emphasise the importance of considering overall oral health and concentrating on long-lasting solutions rather than solely fixing single-tooth problems. When asked how the webinar will encourage dentists to adopt a more holistic approach to dental health, Dr Ahonen replied: “When dentists perform full-arch scans and take full-mouth CBCT scans, they are compelled to consider factors such as the bite, opposing dentition and even oral hygiene.”

The webinar, titled “Guided surgery and CAD/CAM technology from single-tooth replacement to full-arch cases with examples”, will be livestreamed on 5 June at 7:00 p.m. CEST, and participants can earn one continuing education credit upon successful completion of the quiz. Visit the Dentsply Sirona Academy website to register.

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