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Tokuyama Dental – OMNICHROMA

The Future of Composites

OMNICHROMA by TOKUYAMA DENTAL is a light-curing, radiopaque composite that offers the ultimate in colour matching. It can cover all classic VITA shades with only one colour.

For the first time, colours are not created by the addition of pigments, but rather by deliberately induced structural colours combining with the reflected colour of the surrounding tooth.

The OMNICHROMA phenomenon uses the Smart Chromatic Technology along with the spherical fillers from TOKUYAMA DENTAL, which are manufactured according to the “cultured pearl principle”. The effect: A single composite for all colours. Uniquely natural and aesthetic. Uniquely smooth and shiny. Uniquely simple and time saving.

Properties and benefits of OMNICHROMA:

✔ Perfect colour matching
✔ Simplified Inventory Management
✔ Excellent adaptativity
✔ Non-sticky
✔ Good polishability
✔ Remarkable glossiness
✔ Free from BisGMA and bisphenol A-related monomers

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