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3Shape to work with Sevāredent to offer 3Shape solutions to GPO members

Sevāredent and 3Shape have come together to offer Sevāredent DSO members some exclusive 3Shape benefits. (Image: Wasan Tita/Shutterstock)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Tue. 4 October 2022


COPENHAGEN, Denmark: Sevāredent Sourcing Solutions, a group purchasing organisation (GPO), has entered into an agreement with award-winning company 3Shape to provide training, support services and digital dentistry solutions to Sevāredent’s member dental service organisations (DSOs) representing more than 1,800 practices across the US.

Jakob Just-Bomholt, 3Shape CEO, said: “The partnership is very exciting for 3Shape. Sevāredent is a well-respected supply chain solutions partner for their member DSOs. We believe that the move will truly help to accelerate digital dentistry throughout the States, while solidifying our position as a leading global provider. We look forward to working closely with Sevāredent and its member organisations to help them deliver exceptional patient care.”

3Shape TRIOS and other 3Shape solutions, such as 3Shape Unite and 3Shape CAD dental design software apps, will now be available to Sevāredent’s member DSOs as part of the announced collaboration. 3Shape TRIOS has won the Cellerant Best of Class award for intra-oral scanners for ten years running.

Blake Hibray, Sevāredent president, said: “As part of our ongoing effort to help bring innovative technologies and supply chain value to our GPO members, we are truly excited about this direct partnership with 3Shape. They are well positioned from a technology, service, and support standpoint to aid our DSO members who wish to embrace a digital experience.”

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