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Dr Seppo Lindroos: "The sky's the limit in dental technology"

As a technology enthusiast, Dr Seppo Lindroos has witnessed the rapid evolution of digital dentistry in recent years. (Image: Planmeca)
Mari Koivunen, Planmeca

By Mari Koivunen, Planmeca

Fri. 4 September 2020


HELSINKI, Finland: Dr Seppo Lindroos is an experienced dentist and the founder of the MEDIDENT dental clinic, located in Helsinki. The clinic is fully equipped with Planmeca devices, including a Planmeca Sovereign Classic dental unit, a Planmeca Emerald intra-oral scanner, a Planmeca ProMax 2D imaging unit and a Planmeca ProScanner imaging plate scanner.

The latest addition to the clinic, the intelligent Planmeca Solanna Vision operating light with two integrated 4K cameras, has quickly become an essential part of the clinic’s daily treatment workflow. In addition to its excellent colour reproduction and temperature controls, the light offers an easy-to-use tool for patient communication and treatment documentation.

“Capturing still photos or videos of a dental treatment in a clinical setting with Planmeca Solanna Vision is incredibly easy,” explains Lindroos. “With this functionality, I can easily show oral health conditions visually to a patient during a dental check-up or explain what I am doing during the treatment. Using the light’s cameras in patient communication saves time and has also increased customer satisfaction.”

“With Planmeca Solanna Vision, we are also fully prepared for the future. I believe public authorities and insurance providers will soon start requiring treatment documentation more often,” Lindroos continues.

Planmeca Romexis software brings all patient data together

Like all other Planmeca equipment, the Planmeca Solanna Vision operating light is integrated with the Planmeca Romexis software. The images and videos captured with the light’s cameras are immediately available through the software.

“I love that all files—radiographs, intra-oral scans, still photos and videos—are available in one single software,” says Lindroos. “When these files are captured with Planmeca devices, they are automatically available in Romexis without time-consuming and sometimes complicated file imports. I never need to worry about incompatible data, and everything works together perfectly. This simplifies the daily workflow significantly.”

“I love that all files—radiographs, intra-oral scans, still photos and videos—are available in one single software”–Dr Seppo Lindroos on Planmeca Romexis

“Naturally, we sometimes need to import files from other sources to Romexis as well. But with the open software platform, this is not an issue either,” Lindroos continues.

Continuing education with the dental community

Lindroos has seen dentistry’s quick evolution over the past few years. The development of 3D imaging, dental software and CAD/CAM technology has opened up an entirely new world for diagnostics and treatment planning.

“It seems that the sky’s the limit in the development of dental technology. I look forward to seeing what kind of innovations Planmeca will introduce next in order to simplify our daily work,” Lindroos says.

As a specialist in aesthetic dentistry and implantology, Lindroos has been directly affected in his work by the development of new technology. Without continuing education, he believes it would have been almost impossible to keep up with the digitalisation of dentistry.

Over the years, he has participated in numerous educational events around the world in order to develop his competences further. Lindroos is an active member of the European Society of Cosmetic Dentistry (ESCD) and was nominated general secretary of ESCD in 2015. As a member, he is committed to investing both time and money in competence development in order to offer high-quality dental services. He is the only ESCD-certified dentist in Finland.

“As an ESCD-certified dentist, my competence level in practising aesthetic dentistry has been officially evaluated. With this certification, we can show our customers that we have vast experience in aesthetic dentistry and our treatment methods are approved by esteemed scientists and fully compliant with current standards,” Lindroos explains.

“However, ESCD membership also means friendship and opportunities to collaborate with colleagues. We are always ready to help one another with cases and develop our competences by taking part in top-level courses,” he adds.

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