Mobile dentistry is area of significant growth, as elderly patient group is growing

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Mobile dentistry is area of significant growth, as elderly patient group is growing

BPR Swiss supports its customers worldwide with powerful mobile dental units. (Image: BPR Swiss)
BPR Swiss

BPR Swiss

Fri. 21 October 2022


OBERDIESSBACH, Switzerland: As the percentage of older adults in the global population is growing, the number of elderly people in need of dental treatment and complex rehabilitations is steadily on the rise too. However, older patients may have limited mobility or cognitive issues such as dementia. The product portfolio of BPR Swiss, a market leader in mobile dentistry, allows dental professionals to treat these patients outside of their dental clinic without compromising quality of care or level of service.

The current fifth German oral health study showed a higher prevalence of oral disease in the 75- to 100-year-old group compared with younger cohorts. One of the main reasons for this is that dental prophylaxis of many residents of nursing homes is still severely neglected, and the elderly are often only taken to the dentist for emergencies.

Mobile geriatric dentistry has already achieved much

These facts show that many challenges still need to be addressed. “The conditions in nursing homes without a mobile dentist are sometimes catastrophic,” said geriatric dentistry specialist Dr Erhard Sayk from Kiel in Germany.

However, mobile dentists have already been able to close many gaps in recent years, according to Dr Eric Develey, a dentist from La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland: “I have been visiting nursing homes with a portable treatment unit from BPR Swiss since 1995. The development over the last 25 years has been fascinating to watch. Of course, the development has to continue, especially for us dentists, but compared with the past an increasing number of dentists are able to perform mobile care.”

High-level treatments supported by BPR Swiss

For 25 years, BPR Swiss has been continuously developing its portable dental units to make out-of-office treatments as efficient and comfortable as possible for the user and the patient. Commenting on these benefits, Dr Jean-Michel Madignier, a dentist from Gaillard in France said: “Using the mobile dental unit Smart-Port simplifies dental treatments in all situations in nursing homes, in dental care for the socially disadvantaged and in situations that are difficult to plan. Everything has become easier since we started using this treatment unit. In addition, installation and maintenance are extremely simple and fast.”

This was also confirmed by Dr Georg Gassmann, professor of dental hygiene and prevention management at the European University of Applied Sciences in Cologne in Germany: “For us, it is most important that the mobile unit is easy to transport, easy to assemble, solid in construction, hygienic and, most importantly, delivers high performance during treatment. With the Smart-Port, which sometimes makes us forget that it is a mobile application, we are very close to the optimum.”

High-quality dental treatments for all patient groups

According to Dr Robeir Saliba from Stockholm in Sweden, “Flexident is one of the leading companies in Sweden and has revolutionised the dental market for mobile dentistry since its foundation in 2009. One important component of achieving that is having the appropriate equipment. The BPR Swiss Smart-Port has allowed us to reach patients who would otherwise not have had the opportunity to receive proper and continuous dental treatment. Its efficiency, ease of transport and reliable functionality have enabled us to provide broad and patient-safe dentistry equivalent to that provided in traditional dental clinics.”

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