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Norway establishes working group for infection control and hygiene in dentistry

A new working group aimes to update infection control and hygiene guidelines for dental practitioners in Norway. (Photograph: Slavko Sereda/Shutterstock)

Thu. 11 August 2016


OSLO, Norway: A new working group for infection control and hygiene in dental practice aims to establish universal and updated guidelines for practitioners in Norway. The new guidelines will emphasise the importance of evidence-based hygiene measures and infection control, especially in light of the problem of increasing antimicrobial resistance in the health care sector. The first meeting of the group will take place in September.

The new guidelines will be based on the current guidelines for dental schools last updated in January 2015, but adapted to the needs of general dental practices. “One aim is also to emphasise the importance of effective, evidence-based and meticulous hygiene and infection control in light of increasing bacterial resistance, and possibly the emergence of pathogens that we haven’t seen for a while in the West,” Vibeke Lochner, special adviser on science and education at the Norwegian Dental Association, told Dental Tribune Online.

In addition, general topics such as the sleeve length of dentists’ uniforms—a topic that has caused some controversy in the past—will hopefully be addressed in the new guidelines, Lochner said.

Representatives of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health will coordinate the working group. Its members will further include representatives of the Norwegian Directorate of Health, the three Norwegian dental faculties in Oslo, Bergen and Tromsø, as well as the Norwegian Dental Association.

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