Norwegian Planmeca subsidiary opens CAD/CAM training centre

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Norwegian Planmeca subsidiary opens CAD/CAM training centre


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Planmeca’s Norwegian distributor moved to new premises in Oslo in December and opened a new training centre this month. (Photo courtesy of Planmeca)
Dental Tribune International

By Dental Tribune International

Mon. 17 February 2014


OSLO, Norway: Norsk Dental Depot, a Norwegian supplier of equipment, consumables and services to the dentists and dental laboratories owned by dental equipment manufacturer Planmeca, has moved to new premises in Oslo. The new facility features a high-technology centre offering 3-D and CAD/CAM training for dental professionals in Norway.

Planmeca’s growing CAD/CAM business, which was strengthened only recently with a strategic investment in US-based medical device company E4D Technologies, has created a need for extensive training for the company’s distribution and customer network in over 120 countries.

“We are excited to receive customers here at a building which has already won international awards for architecture and environmental thinking to demonstrate the smart digital workflow and 3-D technology of a modern dental clinic,” said Ragnar Pettersson, Norsk Dental Depot’s CEO.

The opening of the training centre in February, which was celebrated with 300 customers and partners, also marked the 110th anniversary of Norsk Dental Depot. The company became part of Planmeca in 1995 and employs more than 100 people.

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